Two Trailers

This one is terribly exciting.

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!!

Can’t wait till Saturday, simply can’t wait.

This one is a travesty of all that is good and decent.

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no….

6 Comments on “Two Trailers

  1. Why do they always start Dr Who during the Easter Vigil (at least at our parish)??? It’s a clear case of persecution …  Thank the Lord, who in his mercy has sent us iPlayer.

    • I can see how this one would work out:

      V: Thank the Lord
      R: Who in his mercy has sent us iPlayer
      V: Thank the Lord
      R: Who is beyond the constraints of time
      V: Praise be to God
      R: Yet at the same time, slight consternation be to God over whether Matt Smith will be good enough

      We will now sing hymn number 217 – “Oh God our help in ages past, our TIVO for TV to come, Our hope from failure of Sky+, and as good as a hard drive for some”

  2. Be careful, or they will head-hunt you for the Liturgical Commission!

    Erm – who is Matt Smith?

  3.  First trailer is good enough, but the return of Red Dwarf is surely more exciting.

     I was at least a minute in to the second trailer before I realised, with horror, that it wasn’t actually a spoof that someone had put together.

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