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  1. And here I thought that paedophilia scandals and cover-ups thereof was the principle destructive force within the church, not particular theological trends that follow – however eyebrow-raisingly – the trajectory of Vatican II. What a helpful corrective! *rolls eyes*

  2. Except of course that the "Liberals" are actually the "Liberal Democrats" and are a combination of Orange Book Whigs (in the Cabinet) and Social Democrats (not in the cabinet interestingly). "Liberal" in political terms in the UK is a different usage to "Liberal" as in the church debates.

    But hey, let's not let the meanings of words get in the way of points scoring shall we Andrew?

  3. It must be really difficult for some people to see liberals and conservatives sitting on the same benches in Government now. What a parable…..

  4. Ah, especially when you make words mean what you want them to mean, eh Peter? ;)
    Have a good day!

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