Dr Glynn Harrison at the CDEA

On Saturday October 30th 2010, the Chelmsford Diocesan Evangelical Association (CDEA) held a conference meeting at Meadgate Church to discuss the subject of “Science, Psychology and Biblical Counsel in Same-Sex Attraction” The speaker was Glynn Harrison and the meeting was chaired by Gordon Simmonds. The audio is now online (available below) and is really worth a listen. The slides that accompanied Glynn’s talk are here.

There is a particularly interesting bit just before 1 hour, 8 minutes…

H/T The Ugley Vicar


6 Comments on “Dr Glynn Harrison at the CDEA

  1. I have just got round to listening to this excellent talk by Professor Harrison. A pity I couldn’t hear John Richardson’s question, but I quite agree with you, Peter, about the interesting bit … He has obviously been reading your blog.

  2. Hi again Peter,

    not sure if it’s just my connection etc but have clicked on the embedded audio above and it says ‘File not found’ – is that fixable at your end?


  3. The link to the audio has disappeared again. I think the church has removed it from their website. Any chance you could put it up here? I wanted to refer someone to it.

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