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  1. Indeed a Feast to Keep – so also with All Souls, and kudos for the glorious black vestment picture currently on the screen! :) Worthy of Batman (and much better than that “Reformation Day” pish) ;-)

    • @cerebusboy Pish indeed. Either you do Reformation Day OR you still do Trent. Your choice. I prefer the idea of going straight to being with God rather than hanging around in purgatory.

      • @peterould Yes, but surely Anglicans are Catholic AND Reformed? As such, keep the feasts that (collective) you regard as biblical and ignore the ones you don’t. Designating *one day* – out of a largely ‘Catholic’ calendar as “Reformation Day” is plain silly, either from a wholly Protestant or wholly Catholic perspective. I think the Rev.Lord Paisleys of this world would be justified in saying “Reformation Day” ,in the last analysis, makes as much sense as “Let’s Pretend to Be Protestants Day” !

        • @cerebusboy Do you believe the Council of Trent? If not then you’re Reformed. If you do, then sod off and be a Roman Catholic!

          And liturgical calendars are catholic in the non-Roman sense…

        • @peterould Come on, are Easter and Christmas any more ‘Biblical’ than (say) Lent, in the sense of ” a particular holiday, with particular rites, that believers are required to observe on particular days each year”? They hardly have the kind of proof-texting supports one finds for Holy Communion! Does the whole idea of a “church” or “liturgical” calendar even pass the “Sola Scriptura” test?

          And I imagine that the Damian Thompsons of this world would say, not necessarily unjustly, that many a Tablet reader doesn’t believe in the Council of Trent! I’m not sure if ‘protestant’ is an accurate word to use for the Hans Kungs of this world…

          For the record, I do of course think some aspects of Protestantism are great : it gave the world liberty, and (most importantly of all) the Glorious Glasgow Rangers :)

        • @peterould@Gay William And is there no irony in Luther’s “I do not accept the authority of popes and councils, for they contradict each other” standard being applied to the bajillions of competing, so contradictory protestant readings of The Bible? :-)

          One can think that it would be a fine thing indeed if Scripture had one meaning available easily to all, but still concede that such a hypothesis has, to riot in understatement, not exactly been validated by the historical record…

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