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  1. It may be unfashionable in the gay
    community, but as a gay man myself, I pretty well agree with him. I find it
    rather irritating that so many feel that they have to imitate heterosexual
    customs, even ones that are quite irrelevant to gays and lesbians, and I feel that
    it’s just absurd for a gay male couple to refer to themselves as two “husbands”.
    Since I believe that gay relationships are a positively good thing precisely
    for what they are and neither can be nor need to be “validated” by being made into
    a caricature of straight ones, I suspect that this latest fad of continually
    striving to describe gay relationships in heterosexual terms is probably inspired
    by an unconscious heterosexism, which we’re all much better off without.

  2. Biggins wouldn’t want to upset his old lady fans. Stage gays never want to do that. And straight people who “like” gays are usually thinking of someone like Larry Grayson or John Inman.

  3. Wow! Christopher Biggins is a brave man given the cries of ‘traitor’ and worse that will no doubt come his way from some sections of the gay community.

    I think that he also speaks for a far wider constituency than many people think. Gay people have a wide a range of political, religious and other cultural views. I suspect that there is a fairly sizeable group that are both fed up with the intolerance of many public gay lobbies and are not in the slightest bit interested in the radical upheaval of social norms that the likes of Peter Tatchell are after. They would like alot more ‘live and let live’, which is frankly what is needed now that civil partnerships are in place.

    I’ve always liked his work, from right back when he was ‘Doing the Time Warp’! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0SqS2QJdj8

  4.  Oh, it is LOL. I’ll bet “dollars to donuts” that the ‘Christian’ Institute will lap this up, Biggins being a “Homosexual Spokesman” (if only John Inman and Danny La Rue were around, eh?).  Philip and G – there’s a world of difference between thinking gay marriage should be allowed and regarding it as desireable for oneself, most or all gay men. It doesn’t really float my boat, but the great Tony Kushner refers to his “husband”, and I can appreciate some gay men thinking that “partner” is too bland and neutral (unless one is referring to a Law firm) and that “boyfriend” is a bit of a High School-y word to use to refer to (say) a decade-long Significant Other. 

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