6 Comments on “Comparing Two Petitions

  1. The Coalition for Equal Marriage has managed to get more than 30,000 on their petition. That’s quite some achievement for an issue in which no-one is interested beyond a minority of gay people, the Guardian and the Tory modernisers.

  2. To be fair, one of those petitions is a genuinely grassroots campaign, launched after the other one without long preparation, huge financial resources and a mass mailing of paper petitions. So the ratio of 7.25 to 1 might or might not actually mean anything. Just saying.

    • Bit the c4em one is now getting huge backing and promotion from the likes of Stonewall. Still limping in a distant second whilst c4m will probably roll past a quarter of a million today or tomorrow and no let up in the pace of new signatories.

      • I don’t think C4EM even have a paper version of the petition, so clearly the campaign isn’t yet as well resourced as C4M. Both petitions clearly have a lot of supporters. I don’t think the raw numbers enable you to say much more than that.

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