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  1. Tee hee, I’d have thought you’d have been grumpier at Moffat banging the LGBT drum/including gay aliens (gaylians?), RTD style ;-) Glad to be pleasantly surprised! Fabulous episode tonight.

    • Well if you put it through the churchspeak current obsessions mill, then either:

      i. their relationship is fine because they’ve got ‘complementarity’ thing going on because of the pleasing contrast between a human woman and a green scaly lizard. And in any case Silurian women clearly wear the trousers so human gender roles are hard to apply. Or

      ii. It all proves what Sugden says – bring in gay marriage, and the next thing you know people will be demanding the right to shag their close relatives, goats – and attractively willowy lizard people from outer space. We’re all doomed!

      Hats off to Steven Moffatt who as well as producing a pleasingly cracking plot by ‘Christmas special’ standards (and sending me scuttling off to watch what remains of ‘the Web of Fear’) has done something genuinely socially useful. David Davies MP worries about what schools will tell children about gay relationships: now every eight year old in the country is au fait with the whole concept.

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