Fan Mail Friday

A new feature where I publish some of the more entertaining hate mail and blog comments that I’ve received. This week’s offering is just peachy.

A lovely cute kitten. Awwwww!Please, please; please don’t go gay – we really don’t want a collaborating quisling like you.

If you want to lead an unnatural (for you) life married to a woman then just get on with it. Nobody’s interested and you’re nothing special.

You are a self-obsessed narcissist though . . . constantly carping on about your phony lifestyle choice and worse, constantly trying to take my liberties away from me.

So wait, I shouldn’t go gay, which means I can’t be gay at the moment because if I were how could I go gay? And who am I collaborating with? Do I get bribe money? Why haven’t I seen any of it? And if I’m not gay and it’s unnatural for me to be married to a woman, what am I? And if you’re not interested why have you bothered to write the comment? And if my lifestyle choice (which must have something to do with my not-gay but also unnatural to marry a woman sexuality – help!) is phony, what should it be? Please give me some advice commenter, I am so confused! Perhaps a nice picture of a kitten will make all the brain hurt go away…

Aaah, the high level of intellectual debate in the revisionist community. Bless.

4 Comments on “Fan Mail Friday

  1. You can just feel the love out there in that comment, can’t you? Nice kitten though.

    More seriously, it can’t be much fun having this sort of stuff thrown at you and your family. I guess given the way the internet seems to work it’s almost inevitable when you expose parts of your private life that it’s going to happen. I’d just like to say how grateful I am for your efforts. Since I discovered your blog a few years ago now, I’ve come back to it again and again for your honesty in articulating a ‘non-standard’ personal story and for your expertise and objectivity in trying to assess evidence. I think most people, on whatever side of the various arguments, who take the trouble to read what you actually say get that. Shame that not all take the trouble.

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