World Cup – Let’s Go!!!

As promised, here’s the World Cup prediction competition!

As last time, you need to log in and then enter a prediction for each match. You get points for getting the result right and extra points for getting the score exactly right. All the details of the game can be found on this page and more features will be added once the tournament is live.

Please put questions and feedback in the comment thread below.

Good luck!

[DDET Knock Out Stage]

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[DDET Enter Predictions]



[DDET How Scoring Works]

Prediction Score
Correct Score 10
Correct Victor but Incorrect Score 6
Correct Draw but Incorrect Score 6
Incorrect Prediction but Correct Goal Amount
(i.e. Predict 2-1 and result is 2-3)


[DDET View All Players’ Predictions]

As soon as a game is live user predictions will be shown here

[world-cup-predictor scores=-1]


[DDET Leaderboard]

[world-cup-predictor ranking=1 limit=999]


[DDET Leaderboard – Knock Out Stage]

[world-cup-predictor ranking=1 playoff=1]


[DDET Your Predictions and Scores]

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12 Comments on “World Cup – Let’s Go!!!

  1. It would appear that I am not going to be able to submit my predictions until after the first game, as it wanted me to log in and I only had 2 attempts before it told me I had to wait 3 days (damned lousy memory!).
    Any suggestions, Peter?

  2. All the points should be up from the first game.

    I’ll try and leave predictions up for a few days before removing them. You can check if I’ve scored up a game because on your own predictions it will show the score and your marks for that game.

    Congratulations to those who got the score spot on in that first game. Bonus point for those who didn’t but got at least one of the team’s goals right.

  3. Can you confirm the scoring for correctly predicting a draw but with incorrect score? The scoring rubric and logic suggests 6 points but only 4 points seem to be being awarded!

  4. For the knock-out stage you need to predict the score at the end of the game BEFORE PENALTIES (if they happen). This means that you should still predict a draw if you think the game will end in penalties.

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