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  1. Stephen Lynas writes in a blog post (11 July), “Where were the Bishops? There are more than 50 of them on Synod, but we heard very little from them on either of these motions.”

    More than 50 of them on Synod. How many more, exactly?

    For, the Church of England website reporting the “Conversion Therapy” motion has, “The votes in the House of Bishops were 36 for and one against, with no abstentions.” That is, 37 voters.

    Where are the 14 bishops at least to make up a bare minimum “more than 50”?

    On the “transgender” motion, it reports, ““The votes in the House of Bishops were 30 for and two against, with two abstentions.” So, 34 voters.

    Where did the three from the other motion-vote total go, to make up at least 17 to bring the total to minimally “more than 50”?

    But where were the bishops? How many were – where? – in any case not voting for, against, or abstaining? Like the corpse of Jeremy Bentham in one particular, ‘present but not voting’? – or what?

    Elijah’s questions in 1 Kings 18:27 come to mind: musing?, gone aside?, on a journey?, or asleep and needing to be awakened?

    Where were – and, indeed, where are – the bishops?

  2. Well said Pete. Personally I feel we need some kind of umbrella organisation for all those who feel like this. I’m totally confused by the likes of Gafcon, and all the other things that begin with an A! At the moment I feel the opposition is fragmented and therefore ineffective

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