The Lockdown Mixes – No Mr Bond, I Expect You To Dance

The Lockdown Mixes – No Mr Bond, I Expect You To Dance

An excursis from the year themed mixes, here’s 100 minutes of 007 joy. Every Bond theme, in chronological order, remixed and then mixed. I managed to find remixes of the original track for almost every theme, so excuse the couple of covers.

James Bond; Moby (Extended Mix)
For Russia with Love; Matt Munro (Michael Graffix Remix)
Goldfinger; Shirley Bassey (Propellerheads Remix)
Thunderball; Tom Jones (DJ GI Joe DB9 Intro Remix)
You Only Live Twice; Nancy Sinatra (Catching Fire Mix)
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service; Propellerheads (Original Mix)
Diamonds are Forever; Shirley Bassey (Ben Liebrand Elektro Mix)
Live and Let Die; Wings (Mark Heckles Bootleg Mix)
The Man with the Golden Gun; Lulu (Scaramanga Big Room Mix)
Nobody Does it Better; Carly Simon (Anon Remix)
Moonraker; Shirley Bassey (Bounty Killerz Club Mix)
For Your Eyes Only; Natalie Powers (Klubkidz Mix)
All Time High; Rita Coolidge (Björn Michels Remix)
A View to a Kill; Duran Duran (DB Night Club Remix)
The Living Daylights; a-Ha (Jeffrey A Remix)
Licence to Kill; Gladys Knight (Matthew Kramer Chillhouse Mix)
GoldenEye; Tina Turner (David Morales Club Mix)
Tomorrow Never Dies; Sheryl Crow (Mi6 Single Extended Mix)
The World is Not Enough; Garbage (Badfellas Remix)
Die Another Day; Madonna (Deepsky Remix)
You Know My Name; Chris Cornell (Casino Royale Mix)
Skyfall; Adele (UNLOGIX Remix)
Writing’s on the Wall; Sam Smith (Hazem Beltagui Mix)
No Time to Die; Billie Eilish (Cold Blue’s Golden Leaves Remix)

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