Joined to a man of the cloth and learning to be pregnant and then a mother, Gayle is exuberant about life’s good things: music, marriage, and her Maker! She wants to live life to the fullest extent and not miss out on any of the rides..

The blog title is derived from a waist measurement. This blog was conceived as a means of communicating the news and updates of the pregnancy, birth of our first son, Reuben, and beyond. So, when this blog was initially published, I used the most recent and memorable waist measurement as a reflection of the content of this website: news and updates of our Baruch. Since then, we have had a second son, Zachary Andreas, who died in utero at 17 weeks; he had Edward’s syndrome.

However, measurements can be misleading and sometimes not representatively informative, hence the tagline of this blog – in life we get labelled with all kinds of phrases, all kinds of measurements, whether they be exam grades or the figure on the weighing scales. Life is much, much more than that

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