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PeterFor almost a decade Peter Ould wrote one of the leading religion blogs in the UK. Since putting down his keyboard in the summer of 2014 he has continued to be in demand commenting on issues around Christianity and sexual identity, as well as broader commentary on the church in the UK, particularly the Church of England. You can see and hear him speaking on a number of BBC Radio Stations, LBC and other international broadcasters.

Peter became a Christian in 1994 and since then has worshipped in a variety of contexts, beginning in house churches (Vineyard and New Frontiers) before settling in the Church of England. He attended Vicar Factory in Oxford at Wycliffe Hall and worked full-time in a parish for over half a decade before returning to work as a banking consultant working across the UK financial sector. He is canonically resident as a Priest in Canterbury Diocese where he preaches at St Mary Bredin and other churches.

He and Gayle have had three sons and a daughter, Reuben who was born in May 2008, Zachary Andreas who had Edwards Syndrome and was stillborn in September 2009, Jonah, born December 2010 and Esther, born September 2013.

Peter is available for informed media comment on issues around the church and sex as well as the wider UK Christian scene (including Church of England politics) and can be contacted here.

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  1. Hi Peter, I have read some of your blog here with great interest. You are probably already aware of David MacDonald who is ex-gay/post-gay? and, like yourself, prepared for a celibate life but has now fallen in love with a Christian woman. If you do not know of him, here is a link for you

    David is very keen to point out to people that statistically there appear to be very great risks in adopting the ‘gay lifestyle’. These statistics are admitted by Gay groups but claim them to result from the stress of discrimination. David sets out arguments in opposition to these claims.

    Thanks for your blog. Like David, you are a Christian hero and a great example of putting God first and accepting His will.

    • Hi Steve and all,

      I know I’m a right pedant but having skimmed thru’ David Macd’s testimony, feel it needs saying that his is not a typical ‘ex-gay’ story. I say this mainly as he narrates how he’d had 2 girlfriends who’d both become pregnant (and both then had abortions), before he tried to ‘identify with the gay community’. Hope i am not trying to judge him, but to point out that his isn’t a story of ‘i was unambivalently gay but am now straight / have moved away from ‘gay’ / have developed my heterosexual potential / am committedly celibate’.

      in friendship, Blair

  2. Came across as predominantly heterosexual with a bit of gay experimentation thrown in, to me.

    ( The blurry words say “on” and “arouses” – seriously is there some seedy pervert making up appropriate passwords somewhere!!!?)

  3. Dear Brother Ould,

    I have enjoyed reading your writings on this web site/blog. I both agree and disagree with you, but appreciate your mostly fair and gentlemanly way of engaging those whose opinions differ from you own (for example the C.C. of Britain minister, the Rev West). Is there any kind of feature on your web site to send it (your blog) to a friend? Something like this box that can be filled out with an e-mail "link" to a friend. I've seen it on other sites. Please advise me. Check out the "Solid People" (http://solidpeople.blogspot.com) blog by another Anglican chap who leads the Chattanooga C.S. Lewis Society in the State of Tennessee (U.S.of A.). You might find it of interest. God bless you bro.!

    • Hi Bo,

      Under most of the blog posts you'll find a section called "Use this post:" One of the icons is an email button and pressing that will let you email friends with details of that post.

  4. Nice. A curate at Christ Church Ware… I went there as a kid (1986 – 1992). My father taught at All Nations Christian College. I'm now a curate in the Anglican church but across the ocean in South Africa. How's the church doing?!

    • Hello Peter I knew your family when you were in the UK. I taught Annette at Kingshill Infant School when she was in year 2. I would LOVE to hear up to date news of you all. God bless Julia Taylor

      • Peter subscribed to this thread, so hopefully he's now got your message! Never thought this would be the place for members of Christ Church to catch up. Should I setup a social network?


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