running.jpgRun, run, for the chase is on
and the sun has dawned, perihelion.
It leads you forth as it closely shines
on your path, as it opens up all to be found.

Run, run, for the race is true
and competitors line up to run it too.
For your journey is not alone, and some
will race you just to beat you home.

Run, run, for you’re losing ground
and beyond you there is only sound
of falling feet, that run ahead
and leave behind all that you said.

Run, run, for your words are lost,
and you were far too young to know the cost
of wisdom displayed in naiveté
and though you were blind, they just didn’t see.

Run, run, for the chase has turned
and you find yourself with bridges burned
in vain, for what you lived for years
is now mirrored back in stinging tears.

Run, run, just to get away
for despite your pleas, on you they prey
and the older ones lie when they say it’s a stunt
for they are the hunters and you are the hunt.

Run, run, for they’re not just words
but cut as deep as the truest sword
that gouges out the soul (and heart)
which died before it even gave birth.

Run, run, for you run no more
and the race is now to break down the door
that locks you in, though they rang and rang
on the bell pull, but on this you no longer hang.

noose.jpgRun, run, for the noose is tight
and the day has fled into darkest night
of your pain, though you sleep your last
the others continue their pace so fast.

Run, run, for you beat them all,
and now they weep and the crowds enthral
with their act, though we see that deception plays on,
for who knows how soon they’ll forget you are gone.

Stop, stop, for you chase too keen
and the footsteps you dance are really what you mean
and we listen in, and it’s not just a joke
and on your words our lives we choke.

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