Midnight Feast at Three in the Afternoon

When I woke up
I thought I would see the whole day through

redribsmall.jpgExperience the morning sun,
shining on my face whilst I walked through the grass,
play in the breeze of the afternoon,
a six hour session of games
at which I would work hard
(for that was what my mother taught me).

In the evening I would rest on my laurels,
grown in the morning
and shaped in the afternoon into a bed of rest
on which I could lie
long into the night,
as watching the stars
I finally fell asleep

But now
the fun I had just after lunch
finds me moving straight into stellar observations
before we even blow for half time

and astronomy is now a serious hobby,
towards which I find myself

H urtling at
I ncreasing
V elocity

(for sure)

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