Month: October 2006

Please sir, can I ask a question?

Apparently all hell is breaking loose in Westminster this afternoon. The SNP and Plaid have tabled a motion asking for an inquiry into the events surrounding the 2003 Iraq War and, given that a whole number of Labour MPs are

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Can I wait for next Sunday?

Can I heck…

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No, I’m not heading down to my local footie pitch with a whistle. I’ve been asked to do a reference for a friend of mine who is applying for a rather interesting job that I happen to think is right

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Dirty Little Secrets?

Dirty Little Secrets is the podcast of xxxchurch which is quite simply the best christian porn site on the web. Trust me on this…. Anyway, show #47 has a great interview with Donny Phillips, who used to run a huge

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Fancy a Job?

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Sermon on the Eucharist – Alan Preston

Listened to an absolutely brilliant sermon on Holy Communion by Alan Preston of the Church of Christ the King (Brighton, New Frontiers). 50 minutes long but well worth getting through. If one wanted to get theological, he comes in somewhere

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