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Promises Promises

Sermon on Genesis 17:1-14 preached last Sunday.  

Ian Paul on how Steve Chalke reads the Bible

Great stuff. When trying to make sense of any text in relation to our knowledge of God, there are at least four levels of thinking we need to engage with: 1. The text itself—what it says, and what it means

Not the Gospel

Can I rant for a minute please? I am getting increasingly annoyed by hearing people call “The Gospel” something which is patently not the Gospel. Let me give you an example by asking you a question. Can I be saved

Human Flourishing

Human Flourishing. There’s a lot of talk about it recently in Church of England circles. Can anyone point me to a Scriptural argument for it? Can anyone even point me to a scriptural definition? Thank you kindly.

Heretical Coffee

Your local coffeehouse may be a hotbed of heresy. Check the following list and see how yours measures up. Decaf is Docetic because it only appears to be coffee. Instant is Apollinarian because it’s had its soul removed and replaced. Frappuccinos are essentially a


An oldie but a goodie. [audio:] Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott, Ein gute Wehr und Waffen. Er hilft uns frei aus aller Not, Die uns jetzt hat betroffen. Der alt böse Feind, Mit Ernst er’s jetzt meint. Groß Macht