Go those Liberals…

Just to spice up your pre-Christmas, here’s the details of a conference in Oxford where you can hear the Revd Canon Prof Martyn Percy talk on “Why Liberal Churches are Growing”.

And to get you in the mood, here’s a wonderful example of all that’s good and heretical about modern day liberalism. While the video’s running, don’t forget to watch for that packed out church…

You can’t make this stuff up can you? As my mate Darryl wrote:

Glory be to the Cosmic Parent-Creator, Redemptrix Child-Sophia and Sustaining Life-giver. As it was before the emanation of the initial aeon-sparks of our proto-divinity, is now, as we find our god-self within, and ever shall become in the joyous fullness of annihilation of all self-consciousness into the divine encompassing Nothing. Amen.

Now come on, no way any of you lot have a more inclusive, tolerant, gender-neutral, affirming, energising, Trinitarian doxology than that. I take modalism to all new depths. Sabellius eat your heart out!

May the fragrant flowers of Goddess Sophia bloom within you,

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