New Commenting System

The new commenting system has been in place for a week or so. Would welcome feedback below. What’s good? What’s not good? What other systems have you seen elsewhere that you think might be good?

Take it away.

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  • cerebusboy

    Easily the best commenting system of any evangelical blog I have ever read! :)

    Could do with increasing (or doing away with?) the character limit thing tho.

    • peterould

      @cerebusboy I may not have any control over that. Anyway, helps stop you going on and on…

      • cerebusboy

        @peterould Hey, it was Jill who made that point in a thread below (I just happened to agree with her).

        Aren’t you concerned about all the juicy Daily Mail-esque links we could be missing out on? ;)

        • peterould

          @cerebusboy And the prosecution rests

        • cerebusboy

          @peterould Harrumph.

          Anyway, as I say, this is broadly speaking a great design – so hope you don’t change it in a month or so!

  • Randy Thomas

    Of course I love the new commenting system. It’s easy, lightweight and really does a good job in incorporating the social networks if you decide to do so.

  • Jill

    I do love it when Ryan agrees with me! The system seems good, but the character limit thingy is very annoying especially as you don’t know how many characters you are allowed until you have tried to post. It doesn’t seem to allow very many. Some of us like going on and on!

  • PhilipCole

    I’ve got used to it now and, yes, it is easier. I just have to remember to log into Facebook before I start writing my post, otherwise I lose it. I liked your earlier version which gave the facility to link within the post and to bold and italic. Any chance of getting those facilities back?

    • peterould

      @PhilipCole ‘Fraid not. Sorry.