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An Exercise in Starting Again

Are any of you even subscribed to this RSS feed anymore? For those of you who are attentive, you’ll notice that the website has had a facelift. This is in preparation for a new writing project that I’ll be beginning

An Exercise in Archiving

So….. Having had the site offline for a month or two to make sure I don’t blog, now’s the time to switch it back on and create the archive that everyone has requested. Over the next few weeks I’ll try

An Exercise in Stopping

In a little over four weeks time, when the World Cup Competition has finished, I’ll be shutting down this website and pretty much withdrawing from any ministry outside of my parish in Canterbury. I really don’t want to give a

The Ten Best

This is a slightly indulgent post. I want to compile a list of my ten best posts, the entries that best summarise what I’m trying to say on this website. If you could nominate below that would be really helpful.

The Blog Post That Disappeared

You know the one. I named nine people that had left Winchester Diocese in the past year or so. Gosh, what a response I got. To the people who wrote telling me that X had retired and not resigned, my

Writing a FAQ

After yet another predictable twitter conversation where someone has decided that they know exactly what I think and why I said a particular question (without actually bothering to talk to me first), I’ve decided to write a FAQ for the