Whisper it…

From the Church of England Newspaper’s Whispering Gallery

All publicity is good publicity eh?

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  • Amir Emrra

    I took out an annual, online subscription to CEN once. After three months of reading inconsequential, banal journalism I didn’t bother with the remaining nine months. Thanks for reminding me why.

    • cerebusboy

      Indeed. One wonders what the C of E paper lead story is – “Bishop Slips on Strawberry”? ;-)

  • Fiddle Sticks

    How does it feel to be an ‘infamous priest’? :) lol. In the past infamous priests ate babies. Now they drink tea and say slightly controversial things about sexuality. Modern life is tame!

    • As long as I’m not troublesome and no-one wants to be rid of me, it’s OK…