Breaking – What’s going on with the CNC?

Update : 1700 UK Saturday 29th September

I’ve spoken at length this afternoon with Arun Arora (the Church of England Director of Communications) and it’s clear that what he was trying to communicate through various parties yesterday was not a confirmation that the CNC hadn’t decided a name but rather was simply a “no comment”. If we’ve given the impression that Arun was trying to pass on a clear message that CNC hadn’t decided on a candidate then we apologise.

We’re still left with the mysterious line in the press statement of “the work of the Commission continues”. This can only be interpreted in one of two ways:

  1. As a smoke-screen to hide the fact that the CNC has picked a candidate and is now going through the legalities before announcing
  2. As an indication that the CNC has not decided and continues in that task. Such a task would involve another meeting which could either have taken place today and tomorrow or will have to be scheduled for a few weeks time. Our speculation in the video as to who the candidates might be that have brought division into the CNC is still accurate.
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