Euro 2012 Prediction Competition

Welcome to the An Exercise in the Fundamentals of Orthodoxy Euro 2012 Prediction Competition!

How to Play

Only registered site members can play – we’ve got to have a way of tracking your entries! If you haven’t yet registered, click here and follow the instructions. Once you have confirmed your account login using the panel on the right hand side and you will be able to enter predictions.

Simply insert the scores that you believe will happen in each of the matches and press save. Your prediction will then be recorded by the site and unless you make any further changes will be used for the relevant match.


  • 10 points for the exact score
  • 6 points for predicting a win, but wrong score
  • 4 points for predicting a draw, but wrong score
  • Bonus 1 point for predicting correct number of goals (per team)

Scores will be calculated after matches


Use the tables below to see the game form, the current player leaderboard and the Euro 2012 Table Rankings.

Now all we have to do is think of a suitable prize!

Good luck!


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  • alright, bring it. Who’s new to this and who are the old guard from the 2010 World Cup?

    • I remember the 2010 World Cup, I requested a theological post as the prize. I got distracted during my input this time and so I don’t think I’ll make up the gap, but it’s fun to be back in the game.

    • I’m new at this, as you can probably tell from my low position in the table.

  • Advice needed: How do I tell my wife that I’d like to watch ALL the games?

    • I’m afraid it’s a bit too late for the 30 day fasting and prayer vigil that is the minimum input needed.

  • David Ould – I am new to this and pleasantly surprised to not be propping up the table. Given my patriotic tendencies I imagine that I will be propping up the table before the group stages are out – a la Cerbusboy’s suggestion.

  • Folks,

    Just to let you know, I will be out of the country from Wednesday morning till Sunday evening. This means that the scoring for all those five days will not be undertaken until the end of the week. All games will still be open for predictions up till kick-off AND I will provide access on the front-page post to all the matches coming up this week so you can see what your competitors predicted.

    Enjoy, and do please ask any questions that you still have.

  • Mid-table mediocrity, here I come!

  • I’m getting an error when I try to update my entries. Anyone else getting this? (Safari, Mac)

    Error[object Object]error

  • Once again I am watching with a split mind. My fantasy forecast is 1-0 to Portugal but I want Denmark to send Ronaldo home.

    • cerebusboy

      The goal-a-game at Real Madrid Ronaldo? He might be a bit of a diva, and not quite up there with Messi, but we are lucky, as football fans, to be living in his era.

  • I too cannot update predictions.

  • If you have anymore probs with the entry form tweet me @peterould and I’ll reboot the server.

  • Not accepting posts again :-(

  • Why is the England Football Team like a 3 Pin Plug?

    Neither is any good in Europe.