A little thought about Baptisms

We had a fantastic baptism service this morning, but last night as I was going to sleep I was reflecting on one little (OK, actually MASSIVE) peeve (is that how you spell it – please inform) that I have with the occasional couple that come to our baptism prep.

My issue is with when people say “We’re having little Johnnie baptised because, although we don’t really believe, we want him to have the option to grow up and make his own choice. By being baptised he gets a start on the Christian route if that’s what he chooses”. And I feel like I want to say to the mum and dad of little Johnnie “Well if you’re so keen on giving him EVERY opportunity, my mate Rabbi Isaac can also sort out a circumcision for him…..”

2 Comments on “A little thought about Baptisms

  1. All I can say is that I am very glad the Denistone East Methodist Church did ntot adopt that view. My parent took the same view as the parents about whom you are peeved, I went to Sunday school there and commited myself to Christ.

    I wonder what would have happened had the minister taken the same view as you do.

  2. whilst they’re at it, they could pursue the far eastern practice of inviting ancestral spirits upon the child, they could dedicate the child to satan in some occultic style, they could call on Vishna or whatever it is that Hindu’s do, … … and of course, all of this would be on the basis that the child can then make up its own mind!

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