Tony Blair’s Future…

This is an absolutely classic observation from Daniel Finkelstein:

The leaked memo on the Prime Minister’s plans for retirement says that “he needs to embrace open spaces”. He could always try kissing John Prescott on the forehead. Just an idea.

Do you know what Finks, this is a wonderful idea. So much better then everybody in the leadership continuing to kiss Prescott’s [expletive removed by self-censoring – note to self: repeat “I am an Anglican Clergyman and NOT David Jenkins“]. Seriously though, you’d have thought that the time for Prescott to be shoved is now so far in the past that it’s an absolute miracle that he continues to be the (powerless) Deputy Prime Minister. Labour could still win the next General Election, but they do desperately need to sort out the issue of leadership, and not just at the very top.

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