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  1. Came to your site via your Comment on Cranmer ( http://archbishop-cranmer.blogspot.com/2006/10/michael-howards-son-refused-ordination.html ).

    Having read your brief bio, it is really good to hear that the work of Living Waters and others has borne fruit in your life.

    Please forgive me for intruding, but your choice of anniversary destination seems a little odd for a Christian believer. Surely you know that the DPRK has one of the worst records in the World for persecuting Christians? If you and your wife feel that God is calling you to go there, that is one thing, but holidaying there in the almost certain knowledge that somewhere in that country fellow believers are being martyred for their faith while you are being shown the achievements of the ‘Dear Leader’?

  2. Thanks for dropping by John. I think your confusion about the post is probably caused by my subtle irony (which is a bit obvious if you watch the last video) not really working. For the record, I personally would love to visit the DPRK before that evil state implodes, but I wouldn’t pick it as a “romantic” trip.

  3. Peter

    Thank you for the reply. As I do most of my blog-hopping during my lunch break at work, I would not have tried to view the video (downloading of ze videos und musik ist streng Verboten unter section X para Y von der Acceptable Use Policy von meiner employer…). Hence I missed out on the irony.

    Yours in Christ

    John M

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