Learning from the Dear Leader

William Norton on Conservative Home speaks much wisdom…


As it happens, North Koreans don’t go in for politics much.  Not for them the daily tedium of wading through the predictable same-old same-old postings on Conservative Home where people disagree with the leader!  The whole country is 100% united behind charismatic statesman Kim Jong Il.  Go to Pyongyang and you won’t be able to find a single person prepared to criticise him.

It would be typically arrogant for us, wouldn’t it, in our complacent Western way to dismiss this as backward.  Which of us, trudging back from another disappointing election night count at the town hall, would not envy the record of the Korean Communist Party, who have never lost a vote, ever?  As the official History of Korea website says in regard to the 1947 elections “All the Korean people without exception elected the Great Leader Kim Il Sung as the President” LINK: http://www.korea-dpr.com/history297.htm

Koreapic4CCHQ could surely learn something from the Dear Leader, one feels.  The parallels are closer than you might think.  Any ConHome regular who dislikes the new Oak Tree logo will be reassured to discover that the Torch of Freedom hasn’t been lost forever.  It’s alive and well as the symbol of the mass gymnastics event held to celebrate the 60th birthday of Kim Jong Il.

Is the Tory core vote about to be attacked from the Left?


North Korea is a socialist nirvana which has abolished private property and the destructive strife caused by upward mobility.  Adam Smith Institute please note: no unemployment or welfare dependency here.  Millions of people are quite happy to share in the proceeds of growth by working in the fields every hour of the daylight.  What more proof could you want of their social responsibility?  North Koreans are so devoted to the principles of ecology that they have wisely turned their backs on the false glamour of globalisation.  They simply refuse to make anything that anyone else might want to buy.

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