There’s a picture opposite me, of my primitive ancestry…

While we were driving to Norwich on Wednesday for a well-earned break, this little beauty was on the radio. I sang along merrily (I know all the words off by heart, naturally, for I too am one of the insane ones) and so I thought you should all join in the deep poetic joy that is They Might be Giants.

A prize to the first person who can remind everybody else what the song is about.

2 Comments on “There’s a picture opposite me, of my primitive ancestry…

  1. This video and thing that dares to call itself a ‘song’ more than adequately highlights many of the things that were wrong with the 1980’s. How glad I am that, being a child, my child-ish innocence kept me from being aware of what is now loosely referred to as ’80’s culture’.

    But, that’s not the point. I want a prize and this time it needs to be a better one than I got for finding out that you were staying at Felden Lodge on your ‘I’m getting priested’ retreat.

    The song is a story told from the point of view of a child’s night-light and there’s even a reference to Jason and the argonauts in it.

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