Adoring Christ

I was teaching last night at the Central London session of Living Waters. As I crept out of the side-chapel where we do the worship at the start of the evening, the main body of the church was dimly lit with the altar clothed in pine and candles, surrounded an altar-piece of the nativity. The sounds of “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty” drifted through the building as I watched one man kneeling all by himself in the pews, in front of the crib. It was a beautiful, tender, “heaven touching earth” moment.

That is adoration my friends – letting everything else pass away and simply worshipping the one who is so worthy of praise and glory. I’m currently pastoring a family who have lost their two youngest children in the past 5 months. The only thing they want to do with Christmas is to get it over and done with, but I’m praying that they will come into church at some point, because I have learnt in my own life that when nothing seems to make sense, where God doesn’t seem in any-way to be present, the best thing we can do is to simply bow down and worship him. When we let God be God, when we strip away our complaints and worries and cares and simply lay them for a few minutes on one side and come in front of Christ and adore him, we discover what it truly is to be the created before the Creator. It is transforming, because we place ourselves in the right place in front of God, totally dependent on him and subservient to his will for our lives.

Let’s do it this Christmas guys. Let’s all spend some time just worshipping Jesus, regardless of whatever else is going on around us. It’s the most important thing we can ever do.


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