Huge Round of Applause…

…to Tim Butt, who wins the prize for identifying what the heck this song is all about. It is of course a homage to the night-light that used to comfort the author during the dark night hours in his childhood days. Tim is entirely wrong about the merit of the aforementioned ditty – it is actually a sign of everything that was good, wholesome and proper about music in the 80s. They Might be Giants are poetic genuises and if you disagree you are wrong, simply wrong. Anyway, You’re not the Boss of Me, so what do I care what you think?
Tim wins a whole term’s school fees. Seeing as he probably wouldn’t use it himself, I’ve taken the liberty of buying it for a child in Burundi via Simon Guillebaud’s marvellous fundraising site which you can all find here. Feel free to drop off and give him a bit of your time (and money) to help make Christmas truly wonderful this year for as many people as possible in East Africa.

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