Show me the Money

I’m experimenting with some advertising on the sidebar. Unfortunately, at the moment it seems to think that this site is all about PC programming geekery. Hopefully after a few peeps have been here it’ll update to have some slightly more relevant links.

Spend, spend, spend so I can buy my wife some extra-nice Christmas presents!!!!

4 Comments on “Show me the Money

  1. If I were being particularly naughty, which, as you know, I’m not given to, I might note the title of Victoria Beckham’s book “That Extra Half An Inch” at the top of your advertising list and link it with your need to buy your wife “some extra-nice Christmas presents!!!!” I think you’ll understand the inferred link!

  2. Mr Butt, thank you for your sincere concern about our current level of marital intimacy, as only a good friend would be. You may be assured that all is wonderfully excellent in that aspect of our relationship, as with all other aspects. I don’t need ‘extra nice Christmas presents’ when I have such a husband! Though you may also be assured that I won’t decline any material gift that is ‘extra nice’; go dig deep into those moth-eaten pockets….! ;P

    Love to all your gorgeous family, Tim! See you soon, Gx

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