Five things you don’t know about me…

Blame Ruth Gledhill

  1. When I was 15 I was seriously, life-threateningly ill. I had meningitis and encephalitis at the same time. I was unconscious for a week and it set me back developmentally a year or two. But God had his hand on me and he brought me through it. Over ten years later I met some people who had been praying for me while I was ill – I didn’t even know them, but God arranged it for us to meet and share and discover our connection. He’s like that is God.
  2. I became a Christian on May 18th 1994, after being dragged along to a Vineyard Church in Manchester. I have no idea if Chris, Phil or James are even reading this but I’m eternally grateful that they cared enough about a geeky kid like me to pray for me and take me to meet God. Thanks guys – see how I turned out. It wasn’t too bad was it?
  3. I have an IQ of 153. That’s official. Not that you’d notice, obviously.
  4. The first time I met my wife, God said to me very clearly, “You will marry that woman”. He’d never done that before and he hasn’t since. The fact that she was going out with somebody else, then spent half a year in another country, then went out with me only to dump me 3 months later didn’t get in the way of God’s plans. What’s even better about the story is that when she first met me (a few months earlier – she heard me speak at a student event but I didn’t remember her being there, even though she came to ask me a question afterwards) her initial response was “I could marry a man like that”. Quite right too, though frankly, she took her time about it.
  5. I can’t stand spiders. I even go wobbly when looking at pictures of them. I can strip a TV to pieces and more or less put it back together, handle snakes and the like, make Ikea flat-packs look like lego, exorcise demons and bad guys with the best of them, but stick a spider in the bath tub and my wife has to extract it all by herself, with yours truly in another room, or preferably in different country altogether.

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