Who needs technology? Me, for starters.

My car won’t start for the second morning in succession, so it’s going into the Garage to find out why. Thank goodness they can sort me out a courtesy car and thank goodness it’s under warranty. Do pray though, because both my boss have got “stress” in different areas of our lives at the moment, just as things in Church seem to be kicking off nicely.

Update : My car is in the garage and I have a highly conspicuous yet amazingly funky Peugeot 1007 to drive till the 307 is sorted. Now, hands up how many of you have automatic sliding doors (so you’ll never have to touch the handle to get in – just the key fob)? None of you? You haven’t lived y’know, you haven’t lived…

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  1. Bet its the battery. As for “funky” electric doors – just another piece of technology to go wrong! My Original Mini starts first time whatever the weather, good old fashioned technology you just can’t beat it.


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