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How to Fast

Here’s my sermon on fasting from this morning. The slides are here and the clip from Rev is here.

Dead for 78 Minutes

What’s the longest you can survive without your heart beating by itself? As more and more facts emerge from Saturday evening’s events, the only word that can be used to accurately describe Francis Muamba’s treatment and recovery is miraculous. Muamba

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HMD 11

Just sent this text to a good friend of mine who has achieved much in these past twelve months, but whose life ultimately is an act of mercy from God. Praying that you get one significant moment today to remember,

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Beginning to Pray

In the midst of an interesting post by Father Steven on prayer is this fascinating little snippet that is worth pondering. A second simple act is of equal importance: meaning what you say. There is no necessary superiority to praying

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Having just seen the Ashes Score in the Fourth Test

“O God, heavenly Father, who by thy Son Jesus Christ hast promised to all those who seek thy kingdom, and the righteousness thereof, all things necessary to their bodily sustenance; Send us, we beseech thee, in this our necessity, such moderate

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Praying for the Nation

I’m not quite sure where I stand on the issue of a Sunday ferry to Lewis, but by golly, if that isn’t a cracking prayer they prayed. I can’t embed it at the moment, but follow the link to hear