Sentamu and the Telegraph on SORS

Firstly, a good interview with Archbishop Sentamu on SORS on today’s Today programme (Radio 4). Secondly this morning’s Telegraph has an excellent leader:

The Sexual Orientation Regulations are a bad piece of law-making, cobbled together, through EU pressure, under the Equality Act 2006. They throw up many anomalies in an attempt to force providers of all services to make them available on demand to those of any sexual orientation. A Muslim printer could be charged for declining to publish a handout for a gay pride march. Yet a private club – a lesbian-only bar, say – could still specify a particular sexual orientation as a condition for membership.

But the real focus in this controversy should remain on the interests of children to be adopted. About 4,000 currently await placement in this country. In general, we believe that children benefit from having two people in parental roles, one from each sex.


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