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Cameron Fuelling Division?

So apparently Cameron is being divisive. The signatories accused Mr Cameron of “mischaracterising” Britain with “negative consequences for our politics and society”. They said they had decided to speak out because of what they see as increasingly common incursions of

The Parable of the Gay Samaritan

Archbishop Cranmer rather nails it on the World Vision story. On one occasion an expert in biblical ethics and Christian standards of sexual morality stood up to test World Vision. “Chief Exec,” he asked, “what must I do to sponsor

Photographing a Wedding

With permission, here is a question I was asked by email yesterday and my response. I have been following your blog for some months now. Keep up the good work. My brother has just set up a wedding photography business.

Culture Wars

For the last few weeks I’ve become increasingly aware of the way certain parts of the Conservative Church are obsessed with fighting a culture war that we have already lost, at the expense of the Gospel. It shouldn’t come as

The Problem with Uganda

My dear readers, there is a problem with Uganda. Last week the Ugandan Parliament passed a bill that outlawed homosexual activity. Over four years in the offing, the private members bill is now in front of the President for final

Bull vs Hall – Supreme Court Ruling

Bull vs Hall at the Supreme Court is out and it’s fascinating. [gview file=””] The interesting discussion is whether the Bulls discriminated against Hall and Preddy directly or indirectly. Three of the judges ruled that the discrimination was direct (i.e.