Picture this…

You organise a conference where all the leaders of the Anglican Communion will be in attendance, you announce that there will be a photo opportunity at the Sunday Eucharist and then, having kept all the photographers completely in the dark and without any pictures by having a security cordon around the meeting, you cancel the Sunday Eucharist press call. How badly-managed is that? How much a sign that all is not sweetness and light is that?

Why was the photo call cancelled? Is it because if it had happened the Primate count would have fallen *well* short of 34? Will there be a photo op tomorrow? Who knows…

Let the reader, grateful to my sources on the ground, understand.

4 Comments on “Picture this…

  1. In my experience, not turning up to chapel is interpreted as ‘a lack of commitment to Anglicanism’. Those absent Primates should be careful, otherwise they might get kicked out!

  2. The official photo at the last meeting in Dromantine was the first clear sign that things were swinging against TEC (or ECUSA, or whatever acronym they happened to known by at the time). Griswold was pushed to the back row and ++Akinola was seated on the front row next to ++Rowan.

  3. Oops! The parenthetical clause should have read, “or ECUSA, or whatever acronym they happened to have been known by at the time.” Sorry. All this excitment is making me careless at the keyboard.

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