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Sisters, Inheritance and Civil Partnerships

You’ll have seen the story in the past few days that the European Court of Human Rights ruled against a couple of elderly sisters who wanted to have the same inheritance tax rights as two women in a Civil Partnership.

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Last Chance for Rowan?

Events have been moving fast in the past week in the USA…  Last weekend the Convention of the Diocese of Pittsburgh met (the equivalent of our Diocesan Synods here in the Church of England) and passed a motion that began

Same Sex Blessing in Scotland

Anglican Mainstream is reporting that a same-sex blessing took place on Sunday 23rd (just passed), conducted by the Provost of Glasgow. From the Provost’s own blog, the following: Today I celebrated a Eucharist in circumstances which were new to me

TEC Bishops tell Primates to go take a running jump

Remember that Primates meeting last month? The one where the Primates issued a Communique and a list of Recommendations in order to bring TEC back into the life of the Communion? One of those recommendations was that the TEC House

Off to bed

My wife has seen precious little of me today so I’m not going to let her get into bed alone as well. Just before I go, one brilliant comment from my twin brother: It is, frankly, inconceivable that TEC will

The Communique is out

… and being discussed at Stand Firm. I’ve just got in from a PCC meeting so I’m reading it now and will give you my reaction on this post ASAP. OK – Cursory reponse – Section 21 sinks the Sub-Group’s