Fans and Proverbials

Ruth has the scoop:

So far from being excluded from the Primates’ Meeting in Dar es Salaam, I can break the news that TEC Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has been elected onto the all-important policy-making Standing Committee. There will be much speculation about how this came about. It is obviously interesting to note that the administration of the Anglican Communion Office depends on funds from TEC. Balancing the books without TEC would not be possible. It is equally likely that Rowan Williams respects her, and that many of the Primates wanted to make a particular gesture of support after the opposition that has been expressed to her. A source close to what’s happening in Dar es tells me that things will be “very rough” this afternoon. I am just wondering whether the TEC report, the election of Bishop Schori onto the standing committee and the apparent acquiesence of so many of the Global South Primates in what has been going on so far might perhaps indicate quite a tough, orthodox doctrinal line in the Anglican Covenant. I’ll post the rest of the SC names in just a sec, when I’ve had a cup of tea, which I’ll raise in a quiet toast at my desk in Wapping to Bishop Schori. While I find myself in fundamental disagreement with her on some, although not all, aspects of the doctrine she preaches, as a woman, I have no choice but to salute her. Watch out Rowan! Remember that Kipling poem, which Frieda Hughes wrote about in The Times last week: The female of the species is deadlier than the male… You have been warned!

Words fail me – the Primates and the ACC voted to remove TEC from the instruments of unity, but here she is on the JSC!!!! This is absolutely appalling and I do hope that some have not sold out on truth just for money. If so we are in dark days indeed.

Edit 15:15 GMT – It appears that she is not on the JSC but on the Primate’s Standing Committee – given that each of the 5 regions elects their own representative, it’s no wonder she got the Americas vote (Cananda and Brazil would have backed her over Venables). Things may not be as bad as we think. On top of this, Matt K has good reasons to think KJS can’t sit on the Standing Committee (as I suggested above).

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  1. Peter,

    Thanks for posting this. It seems rather overwhelmingly depressing to me. As you say, it is appalling. From my perspective, it makes little difference whether some have sold out on truth for money, or for some other reason. The fact that truth does not matter (but something else apparently does!) is enough of a “downer” for me.

    Ruth mentions that Rowan Williams respects KJS; it seems to me that is our whole problem, too much respect for heretics.

    Well, and as Ruth herself indicates later on in the paragraph, the bond of gender is stronger and more important than the bond of doctrine.

  2. I really dont get it. Schori reminds me of the bit in Lord of the Rings when they meet Saruman and Aragorn says dont listen because he will win you over with soft sounding words. Yuck! This is good news for the catholic church as more and more people are going to join them.Some of the political commentators are fed up as well with a church who is so accomadating and falling over backwards that it hasnt realised it wont be able to get up again.
    Peter….does Rowan really support her theology? He has doubts about spong so why cant he challenge her to.
    Anyway if we get kicked out of the church(hubbys a vicar) the New Frontiers church says we can work for them…..:)

  3. I spent my first two years as a Christian in a New Frontiers Church – they rocked and they still rock.

    I for one am staying in the Church of England until they kick me out or lock me up and I will keep on preaching the truth until the same.

  4. Surely this all stems as well from a strange concept of communion. Surely there is church teaching on who we take communion with and who we dont. Since when has it become a free for all without church discipline. Does that mean from a liberal point of view i have to take communion from someone who preaches heresy because communion is between me and god only and I dont have to be right with my brother/sister? Surely we have to stand right with god and man.
    Yours very confused……..!

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