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If I were a photographer sent to Tanzania to get that all important “All the Primates together in one happy party” picture, I’d be getting increasingly worried. Sources close to the Primates are telling me that 9 Primates either weren’t present or didn’t communicate even though they were present. Perhaps, even though they were holding a chalice…

With Ndungane (South Africa) leaving at noon and with the Brazilian Primate having already left, who wants a photo of 20 or less Primates when there are 38 in the Communion? And could it be such an empty photo because the others don’t want to be seen to have anything to do with a leader of an apostate Province?

To round this off, let’s do some math. Those not attending or not communicating were:

Nigeria – 19 mil Anglicans
Uganda – 9 mil
Kenya – 2.5 mil
Rwanda – 1mil
West Africa – 1mil
Central Africa – 600k

That takes us to about 33 mil Anglicans

Those receiving included:

Australia – 180k church attendance
England – 2mil
USA – 1.6mil
Canada – 750k
Ireland – 400k

Ummm………. that’s less than 33 mil right? In fact with a working total I’ve got here of about 52 mil church attendance for the whole Communion, 33 mil is almost two thirds. So what we’re saying is that the representatives of two thirds of the Anglican Communion won’t have communion with Katherine Schori.

So, a question – If Rowan Williams has a high regard for ecclesiology, which side should he come down on favour of? The one with the money or the one with the people of God? Now is the time he needs to think very carefully whether he wants to be seen photographed with Schori or Akinola, especially given that news this morning has emerged from highly credible sources that at least one member of the Sub-Group report on TEC Windsor Compliance *didn’t* get to see the report before it was published.

But then, I’m told, also very reliably, that this is not the first time a committee of the Anglican Communion has had it’s executive powers covertly stripped from it by actions of it’s chair or support staff. There may be much more on that to come out at some point….

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  1. Peter,

    It is a “minority report” because it does not say what the liberals want. Were the circumstances reversed, this would become the “majority report” because it would then say what the liberals want. We see this all the time in the US, and not just in church politics. If you don’t like the results, change the rules, retroactively.


  2. Add to this the fact that SE Asia and West Indies will certainly not be going along with a liberal stich up and you have another significant chunk in there. (Don’t know numbers)

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