Off to Westminster

In particular off to General Synod to do a fringe meeting on how Jesus redeems same-sex attraction and other emotional issues.

We decided to do this “fringe” meeting because tomorrow Synod is debating two motions on sexuality. The voices which are normally heard are those of either conservative theologians or pro-gay (or gay) proponents. We wanted to put the third voice into the equation – the voice of those who God has brought out of same-sex attraction.

Pray for myself and James from Living Waters UK as we speak to General Synod members and share our stories.

3 Comments on “Off to Westminster

  1. Hi Peter,

    While you’re there you might like to ask the Archbishop of Canterbury why ++Schori’s TEC HQ have*today* filed legal papers against Virginia parishes, when she was supposed to have just last Monday agreed to a legal stand-still ??

    Was she just playing for time when she signed up to the Primates’ communique ?… As TEC has obviously already decided that they will not aceed the requirements isn’t any wait just more delaying tactics – to allow creation of facts on the round ?

  2. ++Schori’s strategy is age old. Redefine the question, answer a different question, or better yet, hide behind semantics.

    It is really tiring, and very sad that someone of this calibre would resort to these methods.

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