Alister McGrath on BAM

This is the best bit of Christian Radio so far this year. You can hear two days worth of Hank Hanegraaff interviewing Alister “I know more biochemistry than Dawkins, and that’s even before considering my second doctorate in Theology” McGrath by clicking the two links below.

Day One

Day Two

Let me repeat what I’ve said before – Alister is one of the world’s TOP Christian teachers. These radio broadcasts are literally unmissable.

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  1. I listened to both nights of Dr. McGrath and I am completely with you in your opinion that these are two unmissable hours of radio. I generally listen to the “Bible Answer Mans” show during my nightly commute and was very suprised to hear Hank introduce Alister on that first night. I usually find the show interesting but somewhat “fundamentalist”, if that’s the right word for my taste – not so these two nights!

    I was blown away by Dr. McGrath’s analogy between the younger son in the “Prodigal Son” and the enlightenment West. The idea that the West does need God like the son didn’t need his father comes in our culture clear to the present. Anyway I hope other of your blog audience get a chance to listen to these two days of broadcast.
    Pax et Bonum
    Stephen M. Goodman

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