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  1. Hello Peter,

    I was drawn into your website today, first by the map.  Gene Robinson could use a GPS, or….God Positioning Device.  :)  Then, I was struck by how beautiful your son is on the video you took when he was a few hours old.  I just sat, staring at your little boy, sighing with pleasure and saying, “SUCH a BEAUTIFUL BABY!!” “Such a BEAUTIFUL BABY!!”  And such a blessed baby to have been given parents like you two.  Finally, I listened to Martyn’s installation sermon and had the opportunity to love it all over again.  I was there at his installation, and my goodness…it was a very holy and very exciting day!  I joined Truro Church, Martyn’s most recent parish, within the year he became our pastor there.  I still attend, but as you know, within the past year he has moved onto bigger and better things!  But, my heart is tugged at a deep level when I watch this vid.  I miss him, and Angela, and Rachel, very, very  much.  Angela and I sat together at the late service for many years.  Which may or may not have been such a good idea, as we did struggle with not talking too much!  And we certainly never were at a loss for things to discuss.  How good our God is was usually the #1 topic.  One very fond rememberance was listening to her giggle when Martyn would say something clever or witty in his sermons.  I would be struck once again by how much they love each other.  It was a very BIG blessing to have had the opportunity to be able to observe their relationship for many years.   And another very VERY big blessing to have had Martyn as my rector for 17 years.  I really miss him.  Thank you so much for posting his sermon here. 


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