Catching up

We were out last night seeing the latest Harry Potter. You know, this one:

Can I let you into a secret? I thought I was going to just watch it and move on, but it was very, VERY good. I felt for the main characters in their drama. There were far less hormones flying around (apart from THAT snog, which wasn’t really) and far more wands and tension. Not quite as thrilling an ending as “Goblet” (which was redeemed I think by the last 10 minutes) but enough heart-pounding moments to keep us gripped. And for those of you who have seen it, did you see the huge whopping clue as to who the Chosen One is? I thought it was much more obvious then the book and left me with no doubt as to who the prophecy is about. Anybody want me to spill?

In other news, yesterday was also spent at a day on church (of england) canon law. Absolutely loved it!! I’m sat wondering whether it’s possible to do more reading on the subject. I think the reason why it appeals so much is that since the body of canon law is in principle so small, it’s not that difficult to understand it quickly. Canon law has its own case law and body of opinion, so if one was into that kind of thing, one could get up to speed pretty quickly.

Does this all make me sad? I got sent the video below this morning and wondered whether at times it was too close to ignore…

Gotta love it just for Donny Osmond dancing in the background. Less a case of being white and nerdy and more to do with being white and delightsome?
I’ll get back to work now. Seeing someone this afternoon to squeeze lots of lovely money out of (I hope (and pray)).

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