Nanny 911

Do you know why I like Nanny 911 so much?

It’s not because the program teaches clear child-care techniques that are useful and practical. It’s not that you can watch families that are on the brink of ruin and despair being healed and mended. It’s not because it promotes healthy family values in the light of rampant moral decay and collapse all around us. It isn’t even because it’s a reality TV show that isn’t centred sex or alcohol or vanity.

No, the reason is very simple. It’s a show that proves that English people know better than Americans. We always knew it but now it’s been empirically and televisually proven.

8 Comments on “Nanny 911

  1. While I may well agree with your conclusion about the superiority of the English over Americans … umm … I HOPE that woman is not your only evidence!!

  2. No. Ahem, as in “There are some Americans in the room….”

    To counter your proposition, I offer Exhibit A: John Morgan Griffith. An American. Raised by Americans. An excellent man-cub, if I may say so.

  3. Nope, he’s not English. Since we don’t have permanent leave to remain, he does not get British citizenship or passport. He’s American. Although… he does say “Wah-tah” when he wants a drink….

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