An Open Message to the Orthodox Bishops in TEC

Seeing as my wife and I will be on holiday when the TEC House of Bishops begins its important meeting next month, I thought I’d let the Windsor Bishops know at this point what I’m praying for them. If you share my thoughts then feel free to use the video on your own blog / site.

Click on the Google Video logo to go to the main Google site, where you can watch the video on full screen. A Hi-Res version is available for churches on request.

18 Comments on “An Open Message to the Orthodox Bishops in TEC

  1. I was not aware that anyone was proposeing to exceute the “orthodox” bishops.

    Curious you referred only to Latimer and Ridley, considering that Cramner (a more common Anglican icon) was executed at the same time and in the same place.

  2. Hi Malcolm,

    As I explained in this post, Mark Harris fundamentally misunderstands what martyrdom is about. To be a martus is to witness to Christ, to die to one’s fallen self, to let Jesus be undeniable in your life, regardless of the cost.

    I referred to Latimer and Ridley apart from Cranmer because they were martyred at different times. I also wanted to (at this point) use the quotes from Latimer and Ridley’s martyrdom, not from Cranmer’s.

  3. Thank you for the response.

    I am still unaware that the “orthodox” in the Episcopal Church face the possibility of execution.

    I am curious if you will respond to the first commenter who seems to be saying that the appropriate response in New Hampshire would have been the use of “ammo” – by which I presume he means the use of violence to prevent the event.

    To the best of my knowledge, the only death threats issued in the midst of the present “crisis” have been in one direction. Which is why +VGR was wearing Kevlar.

  4. I would die for the words of Jesus, who has us embrace those you want to exclude. I would not risk a fingernail for this venomous piece.

    It probably escaped your purview, but are you aware why those you exclude are called “faggots?” Think about, read Luke’s Gospel with the parables of the Leaven (the correct usage of the word in the NT is “corruption”), the Parable of the Prodigal (who has lived with the pigs), the Mustard Seed (planted in a garden in violation of the purity code upon which your punitive code is based) and on and on.

    The 20th century martyrs, like Matthew Shepherd and so many less known, are products of the theology of StandFirm and others.
    Tom Woodward

  5. Malcolm,

    If after reading my response and the post it linked you still want to know which of the orthodox are up for execution, then I think you’ve rather missed the point of what martyrdom is about (which also makes me question whether you read the post I linked to).

    I’m not really sure that I agree with Sinner’s comment on this thread. In fact I can’t actually make out whether it’s satire or genuine and whether it’s aimed at conservatives or liberals. I can however discern that he mis-spelt heretic.


    I’m afraid you’re going to have to spell out in a bit more detail what your faggot argument is about. You’ve lost me. As for saying that Matthew Shepard was murdered because of the theology of myself and others, well that’s like me saying that the murder of hundreds of RC nuns and priests in 30s Spain was the result of the theology and politics of the likes of Mark Harris – an utterly ludicrous ad hominem.

  6. Peter, you obviously have not had the treat of reading Sinner’s over-the-top comments mostly on Drell’s Descants. He is a reappraiser posing as a raving reasserter.

  7. I have to say, I object to the video on aesthetic grounds, in addition to the self-aggrandization that it seems to project. In any case, I don’t imagine it will be all that effective in persuading anyone, but I’m sure it makes those who imagnie themselves to be martyrs on the odrer of Latimer and Ridley feel better about themselves. Mission accomplished?

  8. Only the demons of Hell would be so preoccupied and delighted with the licking, consuming flames of Hell.

    I am trying to pray for you all. God help me.

  9. How ironic, Ridley and Latimer were burned at the stake for their opposition to papal authority — and you are using them to urge Episcopal bishops to consent to curial authority beyond the bounds of our church.
    Your video and your attack are wrong on every count

  10. Tom,

    I note firstly that you haven’t responded to the point about faggots. We’ll take that as admitting defeat.

    As to the point on the exact circumstances of Latimer and Ridley’s death, you’ll find that my second post cites a number of RC martyrs as examples. Your nit-picking once again avoids the main point.

  11. Jamie,

    Thanks for your comments, but I’m afraid the Fathers and the catholic church would disagree with you. Even today we liturgically celebrate the deaths of martyrs and we always recall that “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church”. Bring on the fire – the Hebrew Children in Babylon weren’t afraid of it and neither have been countless Christians down the ages.

  12. True martyrdom is a self-giving that we all respect, even though the death of any saint brings sorrow. Latimer and Ridley were true martyrs. You all are not. And to equate the two experiences is to degrade their sacrifice.

    I pray for you all.

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