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  1. One of the strongest insights into the Epiphany’s meaning was a comment I read (I think it was in a commentary on Matthew) that the what the Magi found in Bethlehem made irrelevant their occupation as astrologers. Rather if they fully grasped God’s revelation, they would realize that the universe worked on different set of principles then those with which they had operated on during the journey to Bethlehem.

    (My own observation) In a more general sense Epiphany will either eclipse or obsolete any preconceptions or incorrect priorities that they or we might have by the “shining forth” of this revelation.
    Pax et Bonum!
    Steve Goodman

  2. I”m looking at how God communicated with them – through a star and then through a dream. Although God does occasionally but doesn’t usually use these methods to comunicate with us today, it show how he meets people where they are in order to bring them to Him.

    I’m also linking their guidance with their intent to worship.

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