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  1. Thank you! Just downloaded and it made me laugh. The style reminds me a little of Flanders and Swann – whom I’m too young to remember but my parents used to play their songs in years past.


  2. this song is really funny yet full of meaning.  I conduct a little men’s concert in our methodist church each February. (no admission charge) and wondered how i could get permission for the men to sing this song and who could supply the musical score. Many thanks.

      • “A Quiet Night Out” CD is available online and possibly Ebay.

        I am looking for the sheet music for the song Mrs. Beamish in order to add it to a church event next week. Could someone help where to find that?

        Many thanks, Kathleen

        • I would like to buy (and get permission to recite) several of the songs from “Quiet night out”. I too feel they are in the same style as F&S. Does anyone know contact details for someone who has the rights to allow performance and copying of the (sheet) music.

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