Mehdi Kazemi – A clear case for compassion

In another example of the totally mixed up thinking of this Government, the authorities in this country have decided to deport to Iran a young man, despite the fact that he is in danger of being executed, simply because he has engaged in homosexual acts. Here’s the BBC report (which I can’t seem to fathom out how to embed. Sorry).

Now to be honest, conservative Christians should realise that this case has nothing to do with with the Biblical view of sexual morality. Yes, we might agree that the behaviour choices Mehdi has made are immoral, but that is no excuse to condone his murder. We must pressurise our MPs to ask the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, to overturn this decision and provide a safe asylum for Mr Kazemi. To return him to Iran would be tantamount to Jacqui Smith sticking a pistol to his head and pulling the trigger.


3 Comments on “Mehdi Kazemi – A clear case for compassion

  1. Hi Peter,

    I think you’re right about what Jacqui Smith should do – and you probably know by now that the good news is that she has granted Mr Kazemi a reprieve while his case is reconsidered. Who knows how long that reprieve will last, but there’s a glimmer of hope for Mr Kazemi if I’m understanding things right.

    in friendship, Blair

  2. I was aware of the reprieve, but it’s only for the review.

    Seeing as you post here so often, have you considered making yourself a gravatar? Below this comment you can click a link to set one up.

  3. Sorry – my comment was a bit of a ‘look at me I’m right’ post.

    To be honest I haven’t considered making myself a gravatar (…what’s the difference between that and an avatar?!) – mainly because I’m not techy enough. Was about to say I’m not sure if I want a mini-mugshot with my comments but I realise it doesn’t have to be a pic of me…

    Perhaps I should have given up posting here for Lent :)

    in friendship, Blair

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