If MCJ can do it, so can I…

In homage to the master himself

Good Evening, and welcome to this BBC Newsnight Fashion Special. I’m Kirsty Wark.

This evening we’re asking a crucial question – what was Katherine Jefferts-Schori thinking?

We’ve invited two special guests to help us discern.

Hello Trinny and Susannah. Good of you to join us.
Not a problem
By the way, which one of you is talking?
Both of us. At the same time.
OK. Now, we’ve asked you onto the programme to get your comments on a fashion debate that’s been gripping American Anglicans for the past week, namely, what was this all about.
What do you make of that ladies?
Ladies??? Trinny? Susannah?
Are tea cosies in on the other side of the Atlantic?
I don’t think so. Perhaps our other studio guest can help us.
I don’t think so. I don’t think anybody can help her.

Naked or otherwise.

In fact, for once I just don’t want to go there.

Anybody? Let’s ask our final guest.
Don’t you all miss me now? You never had it so good….

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